My approach to life

My dominant life success factor is active exploration — constantly seeking knowledge and information to improve my own performance and outlook as well as to help others achieve their fulfilling life visions.

My brief story

Not long ago, I was drifting along in life. I had a nice and comfortable life. But I realized I wasn’t really trying. And I started to wonder what would happen if I DID try. I started a series of personal development initiatives and my life was quickly transformed. I was happier, more focused, more productive and more engaged in where I wanted to take my life. I wondered how I could share this knowledge with others to give them the same opportunity. That’s one of the reasons I wrote a book (see the enCharge menu) and started writing some blogs. I don’t have all the answers (and if anyone tells you they DO have all the answers, run!), but I love helping people ask serious questions about how to make their lives epic. And here we are.

I want to help you create an amazing life vision for yourself and identify your life success factors that will guide you along the way. enCharge is the best way I could encapsulate what I have learned so far, but I’m hoping this site can serve as a forum for exchange because we learn the most from each other.