What are life success factors?

Life success factors are activities — intellectual, spiritual or physical — that consistently bring you fulfillment. When you touch on these factors on a regular basis and with intention, they have the power to dramatically transform the trajectory of your life. 

What’s the difference between life success factors and goals?

Great question. Goals can be accomplished whereas life success factors drive your goals. For example, one of my life success factors is good physical and mental health. That may translate into goals such as losing 10 pounds or meditating five times per week. I can measure those goals, but as I achieve them, the life success factor will push me to develop new goals, all in pursuit of my life vision, which also will change as I progress in life.

Where can I buy your books?

enCharge is available in digital and print format through major book platforms including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple Books with other outlets to follow.

Awakening is available on Amazon in both hardcover and Kindle. As it features color photos, much will be lost if viewed on a Kindle device lacking color display.

Are you available to speak to groups?

Yes. While I do have a day job, I am available evenings and weekends to speak with small groups to talk about the principles outlined in enCharge, ideas from Awakening, contents of the blog and how to create your best life.